Tourism of Galicia

Tourism of Galicia is the public department of the local Gobernment of Galicia responsible for:

  • Planning tourism organisation, inspection, promotion and competitiveness policies within the autonomous community. Preparing action plans based on sustainability, innovation and high quality tourist products in Galicia.

  • Development and management of comprehensive tourism plans.

  • Coordination, promotion, management and implementation of government activities to promote domestic and foreign tourism.

  • Providing tourist information at the national and international level, directly or by means of agreements with public and private institutions.

  • Management and coordination of actions intended to enhance the cultural and tourism value of the Way of Saint James. Maintenance and conservation of the route’s paths and public hostels.

  • Coordination of the autonomous community’s participation in universal exhibitions

  • Management and coordination of tourism analysis, studies and statistics, as well as carrying out research, innovation and technological development tasks in the field of tourism.

  • Education in tourism studies, training tourism industry workers.

  • Any other activity intended to improve the position of Galicia’s tourism industry in the Spanish and international context.

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