Clara Casanova

Product developer with a special focus on  tourism strategies  in protected natural areas. Experienced  European project manager. Technical responsible for OpenUpRoutes project.

Francesca Martini

Project manager for national and international land promotion projects

francesca.martini@ri.camcom.itAzienda Speciale Centro Italia Rieti
Jose Luis Maestro

Jose Luis Maestro, 25 years experienced as civil servant, is Director of Competitiveness in Turismo de Galicia and in charge of Quality and European Proyects department and Plan of Touristic Accesibility in Galicia and in the “Camino de Santiago”.

jose.luis.maestro.castineiras@xunta.galXunta de Galicia
Laura Monastier

Translator and project manager for international projects at FreeWheels Onlus. Technical responsible for OpenUpRoutes project.

María Knaapen

General director and shareholder of S-Cape Travel. Expert in design of self-guided tour packages. Supervisor of OpenUpRoutes Project

Ornella Filippi

An expert in tourism promotion and development

ornella.filippi@ri.camcom.itAzienda Speciale Centro Italia Rieti
Pietro Scidurlo

Founder and President of FreeWheels Onlus. Supervisor of OpenUpRoutes project. Born paraplegic, an IT-specialist by profession, passion for walking pilgrimage routes in his hand bike, author of the guidebook “Santiago per Tutti” published by Terre di Mezzo

Raffaella Fomini

Expert in EU policies and funds, hiking lover, trekking volunteer guide. – Coordinator of OpenUpRoutes project.