Free Wheels onlus

Free Wheels Onlus is a non-profit organization of social value with the objective of disseminating, raising awareness and carrying out actions to remove attitudinal and technical barriers towards people with disabilities. In addition, Free Wheels aims to develop their physical and social independence, and help them facing their fears and life in general with self-confidence. Ending up with a disability from one day to the next, it does not mean you have to give up living your life; you just need to start over again from a different standpoint. Disability will be a great limitation only if it is perceived as such in people’s mind.

Free Wheels Onlus came right from the heart of Pietro Scidurlo during his long journey of personal growth on his way to Santiago, and stands for a life-time challenge: never surrender to every day obstacles.

Free Wheels wants to be a landmark for people with special needs thus creating an inclusive and supportive environment so that they can be full members of our society. Mapping and checking accessible services and facilities are among its priorities.

For this reason, Free Wheels is very much into

a)Organizing information seminars for people who want to experience a walking route;

b)Providing all necessary tools to embark on such an experience;

c)Accompanying people along various itineraries.

One of the greatest achievements of Free Wheels is the full mapping of St. James Way (French route) and the route Santiago De Compostela-Finisterre specifically taking care of people with special needs.

Advocated by the Council of Europe, this good practice aims at introducing accessibility as one of the fundamental criteria to acknowledge any cultural route of worldwide significance. Free Wheels campaign is directed also to high-schools and universities in order to educate engineers, designers and architects-to-be towards a world without barriers

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