Chamber of Commerce of RIETI: Accessible Tourism Project Saber Great participation at three training days

Great participation at three training days on the subject of accessible tourism organized by the Special Agency of the of Commerce of Riet, as the partner of European project Saber Universal which is led by the Municipality of Rieti.

A project that aims to create an offer of accessible tourism along the Way of St. Benedict, improving facilities and services along the route that runs through some of the most beautiful places in the province of Rieti.

The objective of the free cycle training sessions that involved a total of 180 participants (including students of tourist addresses Costaggini Institute of Rieti and Commercial Technical Institute of Rieti Luigi Di Savoia Duca Degli Abruzzi, in addition to 50 between surveyors and architects and about 35 businesses operating in the tourism sector) was to raise awareness among local tourism operators, service providers, students in the hospitality industry and all stakeholders, the importance of accessibility to all those who have special needs to improve the overall quality of tourism products and services and improve their knowledge and skills in the various segments of the tourism industry.

A course both theoretical and practical – that also saw accreditation by the Order of Architects, and Conservationists of the province of Rieti and the College of Surveyors of the Province of Rieti – designed to immerse participants through practical simulations, in critical living people with different disabilities but also families with young children struggling with buggies, when they wish to have access to an accommodation, a restaurant, bar and other public services, and then illustrate many possible solutions to break down these barriers that besides generating social issues increases are likely to reduce the development of tourism potential of an area.

The same training cycle will soon be replicated in the same way in another place in the definition phase in order to allow maximum diffusion of information and of these good practices. The materials will be available soon on our website.
For information contact the Special Agency Italy Rieti Center, tel. 0746 / 201364-5, email .

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